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Reproduction Care Instructions

These care instructions are designed to provide basic guidelines that will help you care for your fine art Giclee reproductions. Your purchase is an investment that we want you and your family to enjoy for generations. Please read the following carefully.


DO NOT place Giclee face down on any object or surface to avoid damaging the printed image. Also, do not set items on top of the artwork. Keep handling to a minimum during the hanging process and hold only from the sides.


Its recommended that you DO NOT hang your Giclee in direct sunlight. At present only Giclee on canvas comes with UV protective coatings.


Its recommended that you keep your Giclee in a relatively controlled environment. Repeated exposure to extreme or sudden changes in humidity and temperature can harm the longevity of your artwork surface and substrate materials. We recommend hanging in low traffic area to reduce the risk of physical damage by passers-by. Hang your artwork at an elevation that keeps it out of the reach of young children.


DO NOT wash printed surfaces with water, damp cloths or solvents. For cleaning, we recommend using a clean, dry soft cloth to wipe off dust and dirt gently. Using a light colored or white fabric will enable you to see when too much dust and dirt has been picked up - Avoid cleaning with a dirty cloth.

Note: For Giclee on Canvas only it is acceptable to wipe the printed surface with a soft dampened cloth gently. It is recommended to do this only when necessary. Do not use solvents on Canvas reproductions.

The above are guidelines only. We at O'Keefe Arts are passing along to you the care information provided to us by the manufacturers of the materials used in our reproductions. We are not responsible for any damage incurred during the application of above processes.