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Commissioned Artwork by John O'Keefe Jr.

Commissioned Artwork
"View from Hunter Mountain"
by John O'Keefe Jr.

If you would like an estimate on a custom made landscape oil painting, please send your detailed pictures of the landscape you want painted to Click to Email

include the painting size you would like. Commission work is done on a first come first serve basis. Paintings can take several weeks or months depending on the size and level of complexity.

Commission work generally does not ship with final protective varnish because oil paintings can take from between six to twelve months to completely dry. Included will be directions for varnishing (materials list and step by step instructions) or we can arrange to have the painting returned to O'Keefe Arts after its dry, and we will apply the final varnish.


Per U.S. and International Copyright Law, O'Keefe Arts retain copyright ownership for all commissioned paintings and works of art created by John O'Keefe Jr. Copyright ownership does NOT transfer with the sale of a commissioned original painting or work of art.