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Certificates of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity
Certificate example

Included with each Fine-Art Reproduction you get an envelope that contains your official John O'Keefe Jr. Certificate of Authenticity and care instruction sheet with warranty disclaimer.

Each Certificate of Authenticity lists the edition type (i.e., "limited edition" or "open edition"), a printing method (i.e., "Giclee"), materials used to create the reproduction, and information about the original artwork.

Each reproduction is assigned a unique registration number. Affixed to the rear of the artwork is an identification sticker that is printed with the O'Keefe Arts logo, original painting title, and the unique registration number.

Each certificate is personally signed by the John O'Keefe Jr., verifying the authenticity of the reproduction. O'Keefe Arts recommends that you keep your certification packet in a safe and secure environment.

Certificate Sticker
Certificate sticker affixed to stretcher bars