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Landscape Oil Painting Presentation
by John O'Keefe Jr.,
Guest Artist at Cheshire Art League

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I was approached by the Cheshire Art League late in 2009 and asked if I would give a presentation on my painting process and techniques. I accepted the invitation and began working right away. The final PowerPoint presentation contained over 140 detailed and automated slides that documented the significant elements of my painting process from conception to making the end sale.

John O'Keefe setting up for slide show
Setting up for the Slide Show (05-11-2010)

Preparing for the presentation was very enlightening to me. The time I spent reviewing and meditating on my methods and techniques really helped me to grow in appreciation for how I work. The presentation also helped me to make progress toward another goal that I have, that of recording and producing my own series of landscape oil painting "how to" videos and DVDs.

John O'Keefe gets introduced to Cheshire Art League members by Joan shackford

Once I had the draft presentation put together, I invited some respected friends (and fellow art enthusiasts) over for dinner, and I used them as my test audience. They enjoyed the presentation, saying it was very professionally done, and I incorporate some of their suggestions into the final document.

John O'Keefe meeting and talking with members of Cheshire Art League
John O'Keefe meeting and talking with patrons of Cheshire Art League
After the presentation I met and talked with
members of the Cheshire Art League.

The slide show presentation took about 1-1/2 hours to give, which included open discussion, questions, and answers. Also, I brought several completed and in-progress paintings. This gave C.A.L. members the opportunity to examine examples of my work first hand. I discussed and answered many more questions about my artwork and techniques after I had concluded the slide show presentation.

People viewing John O'Keefe's landscape paintings

After the presentation, I received many compliments. Below are some comments from C.A.L. members as recorded by my daughter, Danielle, who passed around a guest book.

"Excellent essay on composition. People know so little about it." ~ Joan

"Marvelous and clear presentation." ~ Angela Orsene

"Beautifully narrated and wonderful paintings." ~ Lucy

"Excellent presentation and beautiful pictures. Very organized thought process which is helpful to the viewer." ~ Ann


Sample slides from John O'Keefe landscape oil painting presentation
Slide Samples from Presentation
John O'Keefe Jr. Profile Picture
John O'Keefe Jr.
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About the Author...
     John specializes in landscape oil painting done in a style similar to the famous Hudson River School and Victorian era artists. He also specializes in reproduction painting frames, framing supplies and Giclee prints of his landscape paintings.
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