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Salmagundi Club 2009 Annual
Non-Member Painting and Sculpture Exhibition

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Salmagundi Club
Salmagundi Club,
New York, New York


Jennifer and I woke the family early for our trip to New York City where we would be dropping off my painting entitled "The Field's Edge" at the Salmagundi Club. We always include the children in these types of activities connected with my paintings - We make these trips a fun family outing. I was especially excited about this trip because this exhibition is my first showing outside of Connecticut, and in New York City at the prestigious Salmagundi Club of all places. Very Exciting!

John O'Keefe driving to the Salmagundi Club to drop off a painting
Driving to New York City!
John O'Keefe standing outside the Salmagundi Club
Outside the Salmagundi Club.
Joihn O'Keefe in the lower level of the Salmagundi Club
Dropping off 'The Field's Edge'

Once the painting was safely delivered to the Salmagundi Club, we traveled to Astoria, Queens, New York to visit with my Uncle Ernie. My Uncle took over the house in Queens from my grandparents after they passed away. This is the house where I spent most of my summers as a child, and it always brings back memories when I visit.

John O'Keefe and Joshua hanging out on the front stoop
Dad and son hanging out on the front stoop.
John and Jennifer O'Keefe
Jennifer and me
Ernie Sterllacci
Crazy Uncle Ernie!

We took some time to have dinner at our favorite pizzeria in Astoria.

John O'Keefe and family about to eat dinner.
The family getting ready to enjoy a meal.

Before heading back to Connecticut, we had to stop and visit Teti Anne. Anne Fucich was my very first art instructor as a child. She is 92 years old and still living on her own in Queens. We stayed for a while and reminisced about the early days, and we also talked about art. Teti Anne was very excited about my painting that was accepted into the Salmagundi Club exhibition.

Teti Anne Fucich at her apartment in Queens, New York
Teti Anne and my family relaxing at her apartment in Queens.
Artist Anne Fucich posing for the camera
Anne Fucich

Below are some thoughts Ann shared with us during the visit:

“People say painting is stressful but I think it’s just the opposite. Because once you begin the ideas just start flowing and before you know it… poof… you have a painting.”

"My problem was that once I started I just could not stop… I’ll just finish this color, and then it was I’ll just finish the next color and the next, and I just could not stop once I started.”

“I don’t think parents teach their children to have an interest in art the way they used to. Today everyone just watches T.V. Its T.V. all day long, and people are not out and doing things. There is a little boy in my building who sits in front of his T.V. from 9:00 in the morning until who knows when. I guess the mother is resting or something... (Laughter) …Give the kid a box of crayons and a coloring book and let him start that way.”

Artist Anne Fucich saying goodby
Until next time.
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John O'Keefe Jr.
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     John specializes in landscape oil painting done in a style similar to the famous Hudson River School and Victorian era artists. He also specializes in reproduction painting frames, framing supplies and Giclee prints of his landscape paintings.
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