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Salmagundi Club 2009 Annual
Non-Member Painting and Sculpture Exhibition

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Salmagundi Club
Salmagundi Club,
New York, New York


The big day had arrived. Today was the Reception and Award ceremony for the '2009 Annual Non-Member Painting and Sculpture Exhibition' at the Salmagundi Club. We planned to leave early and see some of the sites in New York City before the reception which was to take place between 6:00 and 8:00 PM. Our friend Joan Shackford (president of the Cheshire Art League of Cheshire, Connecticut) accompanied us.

John O'Keefe and family at Washington Square in New York City
Our first stop was to visit Washington Square
(located just a few blocks from the Salmagundi Club)
Joshua and Danielle at Washington Square
Joshua and Danielle in Washington Square

From Washington Square, it was down to SoHo for some lunch. We enjoyed a nice meal at an outdoor Italian restaurant. We planned to visit some of the art galleries but learned that many of them had moved uptown to the Chelsea area. However, we did manage to find a few galleries to visit.

John O'Keefe and family with Joan Shackford at outdoor restaurant
Stopping for a late lunch in SoHo before heading to the Salmagundi Club.
Jennifer O'Keefe in SoHo, New York City
Jennifer O'Keefe

On the way back to the Salmagundi Club our group split, Jennifer, Joan, and Danielle made a detour to the bakery Magnolias, and Joshua and I went straight to the Club.

Salmagundi Club - July 10th Reception - guests start arriving
Salmagundi Reception... quests start arriving
Salmagundi Club - July 10th Reception - more guests arriving
Salmagundi Reception... more quests arriving
The Fields Edge by John O'Keefe
'The Field's Edge' by John O'Keefe

Almost like clockwork, the gallery filled at around 6:00 PM. It soon became a packed house.

Salmagundi Club reception for 2009 annual non-member painting and sculpture exhibit
Salmagundi reception ...crowds pouring in!
Salmagundi Club reception - Joshua, Danielle, Jennifer, and John O'Keefe with Ernie Sterlacci
Joshua, Danielle, Jennifer, Uncle Ernie, and me
Salmagundi Club reception - Joan Shackford, Jennifer O'Keefe, and Ernie Sterlacci
Joan Shackford, Jennifer O'Keefe, and Ernie Sterlacci
Salmagundi Club reception - Ernie Sterlacci and John O'Keefe
Ernie Sterlacci and John O'Keefe
Joshua and Danielle O'Keefe hanging out in front of the Salmagundi Club
Joshua and Danielle hanging out in front of the Salmagundi Club

Around 6:45 PM the Award ceremony started. The room was packed! The artwork at this show was exceptional, and I was honored to have been accepted to be among such great artists.

Salmagundi Club awards - guest assemble to view award ceremony
Award Ceremony - Guests are assembled
Salmagundi Club awards - guest viewing award ceremony
Award Ceremony - Guests viewing the ceremony
Salmagundi Club awards - Danielle and John O'Keefe
Danielle and I pose for a quick picture

Joshua spent most of his time by the jazz band. Joshua has recently been learning to play guitar, and he was not going to pass up a chance to see live musicians playing up close.

Salmagundi Club - Jazz band, The Jeevan D'Souza Trio
Live entertainment! The Jeevan D'Souza Trio

A little later in the evening, a close family friend who lives near the Salmagundi Club showed up. Ann Benedetto was my mothers best friend when they grew up together in Astoria. Ann lives and works in Manhattan, she owns a clothing store in Tribeca called 'ANue.'

Ernie Sterlacci, Ann Benedetto, and me
Ernie Sterlacci, Ann Benedetto, and me
Ann Benedetto and Ernie Sterlacci
Ann Benedetto and Ernie Sterlacci

The evening was exciting. I met several artists, and we exchanged congratulations on being in the exhibit. I was introduced to the president of the Club, Claudia Seymore and another elected member, Christine Ivers, who I also know from the Connecticut art scene. I filled out an application for membership and submitted my portfolio, which I am hopeful will be approved. The reception ended around 8:30 PM, and it was time to head back to Connecticut.

Joshua snapped these next photos as we left the city. They are quite good, so I decided to close out this journal entry using them.

Jennifer and John O'Keefe in New York City
Jennifer and me on our way back to our car.
Joshua O'Keefe photograph of New York City streets
A nice photograph as we drive the
streets of New York City.
Joshua O'Keefe photograp himself in New York City
The most interesting photograph of the evening...
Joshua's self portrait!
John O'Keefe Jr. Profile Picture
John O'Keefe Jr.
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