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Phil Cutting, Bob Gregg, Maryanne Rupp,
and Bev Schirmeir Judge 2009 17th Annual
Associate Artist Exhibit at Lyme Art Gallery

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Lyme Art Association
Lyme Art Gallery
Old Lyme, Connecticut


17th Annual Associate Artist Exhibit brochure front
Event Brochure - Front
17th Annual Associate Artist Exhibit brochure back
Event Brochure - Back


The "17th Annual Associate Artist Exhibit" was held on January 16th, 2009 at the Lyme Art Gallery from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. There was a lovely group that attended, food and drinks were served. I was privileged to have four of my paintings accepted into the exhibition which will run from January 16th through February 28th. My father, John O'Keefe Sr and youngest brother Joe O'Keefe attended the reception with my wife Jennifer and our two children. We had a good time meeting people and viewing the exhibit. I introduced myself to one of the elected artist, Richard Nazzaro. I had seen Mr. Nazzaro at other Lyme Gallery events, but I never had the opportunity to meet and introduce myself to him.

Lyme Art Gallery - Cooper Ferry Gallery
Cooper-Ferry Gallery
Lyme Art Gallery - Cooper Ferry Gallery, John O'Keefe Jr and Joy Hanes
John O'Keefe & Joy Hanes
(Gallery Sales Manager)

I had a chance to meet the Lyme Gallery Sales Manager Joy Hanes. She gave me some wonderful compliments about my paintings and said she is particularly fond of my latest work titled "Big Cork Tree".

Lyme Art Gallery - Cooper Ferry Gallery, John O'Keefe Jr 'Big Cork Tree' and 'Summer in the Valley'
"Big Cork Tree"
"Summer in the Valley"
by John O'Keefe
Lyme Art Gallery - Cooper Ferry Gallery, John O'Keefe Jr with 'Big Cork Tree' and 'Summer in the Valley'
John O'Keefe Jr. with his paintings
Lyme Art Gallery - Cooper Ferry Gallery, Dianne Gorrick
Dianne Gorrick, John O'Keefe
and Oddvar Breiland (Dianne's husband)

It was a pleasant surprise to meet Dianne Gorrick and her husband at the opening. Dianne was the juror for the first art competition that I had entered as an emerging artist back in early 2008. That competition/exhibit was sponsored by the Cheshire Art League in early 2008. Dianne remembered me and my two paintings from that competition. Dianne and I are both associate artists with the Lyme Art Association, and we each had several pieces accepted into the exhibit. We walked around showing our paintings to each other while discussing various painting techniques. Dianne shared some tips for achieving smooth lines on tree branches which are something I'm working to improve in my newer paintings. Dianne had high compliments on my color pallet. It was very encouraging to talk with Dianne again.

Lyme Art Gallery - Cole Gallery
Cole Gallery
Lyme Art Gallery - Cole Gallery, Joe O'Keefe, John O'Keefe, and John O'Keefe Sr.
Joe O'Keefe, John O'Keefe (Jr),
and John O'Keefe Sr.
Lyme Art Gallery - Cole Gallery, John O'Keefe Jr 'Prairie Storm'
"Prairie Storm" by John O'Keefe Jr.
Lyme Art Gallery - Cole Gallery, John O'Keefe Jr 'Moment of Reflection'
"Moment of Reflection" by John O'Keefe Jr.


Phil Cutting publicity photograph
Phil Cutting

Associate Artist at the Lyme Art Gallery 1

Bob Gregg publicity photograph
Bob Gregg

Associate Artist at the Lyme Art Gallery 2

Maryanne Rupp publicity photograph
Maryanne Rupp

Maryanne Rupp is a Killingworth pastel and oil artist who has won numerous art awards and has displayed her work throughout New England. Maryanne is a member of the Connecticut Pastel Society, the Lyme Art Association, the Madison Art Society and the Clinton Art Society. Her work is in private collections throughout the Northeast. She has studied pastel with Joanne Ballinger at the Lyme Art Association for the past seven years as well taking numerous workshops with renowned local artists such as Karen Winslow, Diane Aeschliman, Jack Broderick, Hollis Dunlap, and Lou Bonamarte. She believes that producing art is the artist's ability to find beauty in the most ordinary objects. 3, 4

Bev Schirmeir publicity photograph
Bev Schirmeir

Associate Artist at the Lyme Art Gallery

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John O'Keefe Jr. Profile Picture
John O'Keefe Jr.
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     John specializes in landscape oil painting done in a style similar to the famous Hudson River School and Victorian era artists. He also specializes in reproduction painting frames, framing supplies and Giclee prints of his landscape paintings.
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