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The Picture Framer of Cheshire, Connecticut
Hosts Solo Exhibition of John O'Keefe Jr.

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The Picture Framer
The Picture Framer,
Cheshire, Connecticut
The Picture Framer - view through front door
...see my paintings hanging inside


The Picture Framer Event Poster
Event Brochure
Press release for John O'Keefe's solo exhibition at the Picture Framer & Gallery in Cheshire, Connecticut in September 2008
As printed in the Cheshire Herald on August 28, 2008


We held the reception despite a visit by tropical storm Hanna. Even though the poor weather discouraged most from attending the exhibit reception, we had a good group. Jennifer and I learned later that during the event our local county was under a tornado warning. Still... people came to see the artworks, and I had the opportunity to talk with them about my paintings. We had refreshments and good conversation. I was delighted with my first solo exhibit.

Opening Reception - Main Gallery - Wall 1
Main Gallery - Wall 1
Opening Reception - Main Gallery - Wall 2
Main Gallery - Wall 2

Eleven works were exhibited at 'The Picture Framer & Gallery' throughout September. Because some of these paintings had been previously sold and one was on exhibition at the Mystic Art Center, I have a mix of originals and reproductions being displayed. The quality of the reproductions is so good that several visitors made comments that they could not tell the difference between the originals and the reproductions.

Opening Reception - main gallery - guests 1
Opening Reception - main gallery - guests 2
Opening Reception - main gallery - guests 3
Opening Reception - main gallery - guests 4

Below are some pictures of me with people that have helped to promote my art business.

Opening Reception - main gallery - Ann Hearn
Ann Hearn
Ann owns and operates 'The Picture Framer'
Opening Reception - main gallery - Rob Lyon
Rob Lyon
Rob owns and operates 'Sound Color'
Opening Reception - main gallery - Joan Shackford
Joan Shackford
Good friend and president of 'Cheshire Art League'

Below are pictures with friends and family.

Opening Reception - main gallery - Sue Smith
Sue Smith
Close family friend
Opening Reception - main gallery - John and family
John O'Keefe Sr (Dad - far left)
Lynn Ambrosini (Mom - left)
Jennifer O'Keefe
(Wife - right)
John O'Keefe Jr. Profile Picture
John O'Keefe Jr.
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About the Author...
     John specializes in landscape oil painting done in a style similar to the famous Hudson River School and Victorian era artists. He also specializes in reproduction painting frames, framing supplies and Giclee prints of his landscape paintings.
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