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2008 Group Exhibition at the Cate Charles
Gallery in Stonington Connecticut

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Cate Charles Gallery - View through windows
Cate Charles Gallery
(View through gallery window)
Cate Charles Gallery - View through windows
Cate Charles Gallery
(Closeup view through gallery window)


Kimberly Charles (owner of Cate Charles Gallery) scheduled the opening reception to coincide with a popular Stonington event known as "First Friday's". First Friday's is an event that was started by the local shops that run along the main street in town. On the First Friday of each month, the shops remain open late into the evening. On this night, December 5th, 2008, so many people attended that it was difficult to walk around at times. There was a constant stream of people visiting the Gallery to view the exhibit.

Cate Charles Gallery - Jennifer and John O'Keefe
Jennifer and I
Cate Charles Gallery - Joshua, Danielle and John O'Keefe
Joshua, Me, and Danielle
Cate Charles Gallery - View inside gallery with John O'Keefe Jr's. paintings
Gallery room with my paintings

Kimberly related the very positive feedback she has received about my work from other artists and visitors at the Gallery. She expressed "good things are heading [my] way" and that "[my] work is unique and carries a lot of emotion and feeling." Very encouraging words!

Cate Charles Gallery - Kimberly Charles and John O'Keefe Jr.
Kimberly Charles and me


"First Friday's" is an event that is supported by most of the local Stonington businesses on the First Friday of each month. All participating shops remain open late into the evening, and as you can see in the below pictures, they draw quite a crowd. At one point we estimated about a thousand people were walking the streets and the police had to restrict vehicle traffic because of the large groups.

Cate Charles Gallery - Outside view #1
Street view of the Cate Charles Gallery
Cate Charles Gallery - Outside view #2
Street view of the Cate Charles Gallery
Cate Charles Gallery - Stree view of First Friday's
Street view near the Cate Charles Gallery
Cate Charles Gallery - Band '28 Stringds'
"28 Strings" plays for a crowd
at a shop adjacent to the
Cate Charles Gallery.


My family took some time to walk through town and visit a few of the shops that were participating in First Friday's. We found a narrow alley with a sign indicating that more shops were at the other end.

Russ Kramer Gallery
A brief pause for a
picture in the alley

When we came to the end of the alley, we found the gallery and studio of Russ Kramer. WOW!!! Russ paints absolutely incredible maritime scenes. We talked about our transitions from secular work to full-time painting - Russ made the transition in 2002 and I more recently in 2007. We discussed offering high-quality reproductions, and I was encouraged about my own efforts in this area after hearing Russ relate some of his experiences with the proofing process and working closely with a reproduction supplier. It was lovely meeting such an accomplished artist.

Russ Kramer
Me and Russ Kramer

Russ Kramer is one of the leading maritime artists of our time.
(Behind Russ and I to the left is one of Russ's recent paintings)

Learn more about Russ Kramer at:

John O'Keefe Jr. Profile Picture
John O'Keefe Jr.
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