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Musical Interests of John O'Keefe Jr.,
Personal Recording Studio

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John O'Keefe's recording studio - guitar amps

In my early teen years, during the 1980s, music became a large part of my life after my father purchased a guitar for me. In addition to just playing guitar, I loved to record my own music. My first recordings were made on a cheap multi-track recorder that my father owned, they were horrible. As I started playing in bands and developing my guitar playing skills, I continued to do my own recordings. I was always interrupting practice to set up or check cassette recorders.

In the early 1990's I purchased my first multi-track recorder, it was a Fostex X-26. In early 1998 I bought a computer, and within a month or two I owned my first Digital Audio Workstation (D.A.W.), Samplitude Studio version 4.04a. Over the next few years, I faithfully upgraded the software, keeping current with new digital recording technology.

Starting in late 1998 I began recording small projects for friends and their bands. The work mostly consisted of taking their cassette recordings and loading them into Samplitude, cleaning them up, and burning them to CD. Shortly after that, I did my first multi-track recording project for a friend's band. Although it didn't come out as planned, I felt good about taking on larger multi-track recording projects.

I have mastered projects for several bands, and my work received positive feedback on a local radio station that featured one of the groups. When it came to my own band, I always recorded my rehearsals and jam sessions.

John O'Keefe's recording studio - Room One session - Jay Moore, drums
John O'Keefe's recording studio - Room One session - Bob Pallman, bass
John O'Keefe's recording studio - Room One session - Dan O'Keefe, guitar

'Room One' Recording Session Pictures ...the band members

My biggest multi-track project was for a local band called "Room 1". In early 1999 I started recording their 12 song CD. Every instrument had its own track. I put all my years of recording experience into the project, and I always received positive feedback from the band about the quality.

John O'Keefe's recording studio - Room One session - Jason Moore, drums

'Room One' Recording Session Picture


The central part of the studio is approximately 15' x 18'. The floor is wholly carpeted which deadens much of the echo and reverberation, and there is a large sofa at one end of the room.

John O'Keefe's recording studio control room

A small 5' x 6' alcove off one wall is where the outboard and recording gear is located. The control room is not isolated from the main recording area as you can see.

John O'Keefe's recording studio

The studio is underground and surrounded by concrete walls and no windows. Many layers of soundproofing have been applied to block out the noise coming from the area above the studio. The studio is very sound isolated from the outside world.

John O'Keefe's recording studio equipment


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John O'Keefe Jr.
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