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Jennifer O'Keefe's 2010 Artworks,
A Love for Photography

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Jennifer entered her photograph titled "Old Fashion Winter" into the 2010 Annual Exhibit sponsored by the Cheshire Art League. The exhibition was being judged by Beth Ellis and Jennifer won an award for her photograph. Beth said of Jennifer's photo, "So much warmth for such a cool image". Jennifer took the photograph while we were driving in a snowstorm. It came out so good that she framed it and entered it into the exhibition.

Photograph by Jennifer O'Keefe - Old Fashion Winter

"Old Fashion Winter"

Photograph, 8x10,
Jennifer O'Keefe,
Jennifer O'Keefe and her photo 'Old Fashion Winter'

Jennifer O'Keefe and "Old Fashion Winter"

Short Video: "Old Fashion Winter"

A short 2 minute and 5 second video documentary of Jennifer O'Keefe receiving an award for best photograph at the Cheshire Art League 2010 Exhibition award ceremony.
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     John specializes in landscape oil painting done in a style similar to the famous Hudson River School and Victorian era artists. He also specializes in reproduction painting frames, framing supplies and Giclee prints of his landscape paintings.
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